About Us

Since 2010, Tecom Ltd started in selling all kinds of Radio frequency Coaxial connectors from our headquarters in Shenzhen. To meet the world's growing demand for electronic components, Tecom has set up our own production line and a joint-venture with experienced factories in Guangdong & Zhenjiang city.


Our product portfolio:

We mainly supply Q9, L16, sl16, fl10, N, L27, L29, L9, UHF, SMA, SMB, SMC, MCX, MMCX, BNC, TNC, CC4,etc.

We could provide custom design and manufacture in accordance with the special requirements of customers.


Our vision:

With many years’ experience in the field of electronic components , Tecom has set itself up as an excellent components supplier for a broad range of applications, ranging from automotive, consumer, communication, networks to industrial and medical sectors etc. We continuously invest heavily in R&D, this help us maintain competition in this field for many years and enable us keep developing with the fast pace of this industry.

With our principal goals of helping customers save cost and improving customer satisfaction, we are approaching customers in different fields and meet their different demands with our wide range of products. With this wide linecard and with our fast and good service, we are aming to be your first and best supplier you can rely on !

we are also seeking partners worldwide so as to explore the market better. If you are interested to add our products to your linecard, or if you have existed customers for this business and are interested to be our representative or distributor, you are welcome to contact us. We are ready to respond your each queries fast and to support you professionally !


Production lines: