Application of RF coaxial connector

The RF coaxial connector generally is a component that is mounted on the cable or is mounted on the instrument, and is used to transmit electrical connections or separate components. It is also attributed to the mechatronics products. In short, its main role is the bridge effect. Compared with other electronic components, the development of RF coaxial connector is short.. UHF connector, which was produced in 1930, is an RF connector for the early years.. The second world war between due to the need of war, with the rapid development of radar, radio and microwave communication, resulting in a n, C, BNC, TNC, etc. medium series, in 1958 after the SMA, SMB, SMC, such as a series of small products, 1964 developed with American military standard of the RF coaxial connector general specification ", since then, RF connector slowly toward standardization, seriation, general direction of development. Through the joint efforts of various countries, the RF coaxial connector has been independently and perfect professional system, became the connector family is a very important member. It is the key element in the coaxial transmission system.